Fast, simple, accurate document search

We develop advanced document search and comparison tools for unstructured datasets using forensic linguistic based tools.

Our search tools make it easy to identify the most relevant information in complex unstructured document datasets

Our comparison tools make it easy to identify similarities between documents

Our products

We have a unique capability to search very large document sets and identify highly relevant information. Elute’s approach is different to conventional keyword/boolean search, we search for documents that are similar to a reference document that has already been identified as being of interest.

Overview of Elute search process

Why are we different:

  • We read and compare whole documents linguistically
  • No training necessary
  • Transparent search, not a black box

Learn more about our products

Elute Patent Reader

Elute Range Reader

COVID-19 Reader

About us

Elute Intelligence is developing a number of products based on the use of computational forensic linguistics. Our technology is based on decades of research and has been used in bespoke linguistic based software products in government, professional bodies and the commercial sector.

Peter Fischer
CEO and director

Peter has more than 20 years’ experience in knowledge-intensive software solutions. Since the early 2000s, he has worked in the Intellectual Property support services industry in a number of senior roles. Peter studied Business Informatics at Munich University of Applied Sciences.

David Woolls
CTO and founder

David is the original founder of CFL Software and Elute Intelligence. He is an expert in software based forensic linguistics. His plagiarism detection program CopyCatch Investigator, has been used in education since the late 1990s. In parallel he has overseen the development of bespoke linguistically based solutions for CFL’s customers, most recently in the field of patent search and document comparison.


Elute Intelligence Holdings ground breaking Patent Reader launched commercially

Elute Intelligence Holdings (“Elute” or the “Company”) is to make patent searching quicker and easier with the commercial launch of a Patent Reader based on its novel software tools, which mimics the way people read, to intelligently search and compare unstructured text-based information. The move follows a successful pilot with a dedicated user group comprising …

Elute Intelligence launches Patent Reader product to user group

Elute Intelligence Holdings (“Elute”) today announces it has opened up access on its Patent Reader platform to a group of experienced patent professionals helping them to effectively and efficiently find relevant patent information. The group includes users from patent rich multi-nationals, high-tech SMEs and professional IP services providers. Elute’s novel advanced software tools enable the …

Covid-19 Document Reader

Elute Intelligence launches dedicated COVID-19 Document Reader to help scientists find vital research more rapidly Elute Intelligence Holdings (“Elute”) today announces it has launched a dedicated free-to-use online COVID-19 Document Reader to help scientists worldwide tackling the disease to find vital research more rapidly. The COVID-19 Document Reader draws on Elute’s novel advanced software tools …


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