Fast, simple, accurate document search

We develop advanced software tools to search, compare and analyse complex documents stored in large datasets. Our search algorithms are based on forensic linguistics that read documents the way humans do. They make it easy to quickly identify the information most relevant to you.

Unlike other artificial intelligence approaches, the way our software works is completely transparent. You can see and understand the similarities between the closest matching documents and why they have been selected, allowing you to make informed decisions faster.

Our search and comparison technology works across any document set – no training and no tagging of data is needed. Our software can be used by anyone – expert knowledge of the tool or the area you want to search over is not necessary.

Our products

Our approach to searching and comparing documents is unique. You can use reference texts or even whole documents of interest to find others that are closely matched, using unstructured or structured documents. This is a very different approach to other forms of document search using Artificial Intelligence or conventional keyword and Boolean search engines – there’s no need for you to create your own search terms or train and tag data.

Why are we different:

  • We read and compare whole documents using principles based on forensic linguistics
  • You do not need to be an expert and choose your own keywords to start a search – just provide a starting document or piece of text – anyone can use our software!
  • No training data or tagging is necessary – any document sets can be searched
  • Our approach is a completely transparent unstructured search, we show you why results have been selected unlike conventional AI

Elute’s vision is: Complex Search and Comparison Made Simple

Learn more about our products

We are currently working on 2 new products…

IP Insights – coming soon

Contract Compliance Comparison – coming soon

Elute Patent Reader – our first product, for easy patent searching

COVID-19 Reader – a free tool for the scientific community

About us

Elute Intelligence is developing a number of advanced search and comparison products based on the use of forensic linguistics. Our technology is based on decades of research and has been used in bespoke linguistic based software products in government, professional bodies and the commercial sector.

Mark Rosten

Mark has more than 30 years’ experience in leading software and product development teams across Healthcare, FinTech and Transport, in companies ranging from start-ups to larger corporations. Mark has specialised in delivering scalable software platforms. His most recent role before joining Elute was as Senior Vice President Development at Bango plc.

David Woolls
Consultant and founder

David is the original founder of CFL Software and Elute Intelligence. He is an expert in software based forensic linguistics. His plagiarism detection program CopyCatch Investigator, has been used in education since the late 1990s. In parallel he has overseen the development of bespoke linguistically based solutions for CFL’s customers, most recently in the field of patent search and document comparison.


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