Automated Patent Landscape Insights from your documents

IP Insights

  • Using our forensic linguistic algorithms to automatically find patent insights and generate a landscape report.
  • Taking any starting document to perform the search, including a website, business plan, existing patent, etc.
Take any document and turn it into patent insights report in minutes

IP Insights is …

  • Easy to use – not needing expertise in searching, knowledge of either patents or the particular field to search against.
  • Automated – searching 80+ million patents and delivering results to you in minutes
  • Inexpensive – we charge a small fee per report generation via pay as you go
  • Ideal for … companies interested in investing in technology, universities / technology transfer offices / start-ups / for anyone wanting insights from patents

Example report contents

  • Patent details and classifications ranked by similarity to search document
  • Top ten assignee filing timelines and patenting intensity over time
  • Patent intensity by geography